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Lending and Mortgage Operations

Digital has become all-pervasive and is rapidly altering the very fabric of modern businesses. Combined with recent disruptions in the global foundations of human society, consumers are becoming more discerning and expect more – especially from their lending solutions and financial service providers. Today's consumers demand greater convenience and efficiency, from how they pay for goods and services to the type of user experience they desire when choosing a lender. Adopting digital operations and a cloud-based approach has proven critical in modernizing lending operations and ensuring financial service providers continue to achieve market share growth, customer-centric capabilities, and business model innovations.

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Why HCLTech Lending Solutions?

At HCLTech Lending Solutions, we listen to and understand your unique business requirements and customize our products and solutions accordingly. Our seasoned mortgage professionals drive operational efficiencies and enhance customer experiences with cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. Our digital operations and analytical capabilities revolutionize mortgage lending processes, drive transformation and help lenders achieve their business goals by creating cost-effective business processes encompassing all mortgage lifecycle functions.

Lending and Mortgage Highlights Include:


More than 500 mortgage professionals deployed globally


Delivering outcomes with next-gen technologies


End-to-end mortgage lifecycle management

Key Benefits

Strong Customer RelationshipsStrong Customer Relationships

Simplify and enhance the customer experience to forge lasting bonds based on mutual trust and understanding

Strong customer relationships

Enhance Business AgilityEnhance Business Agility

Rapidly digitize your lending operations in a changing world and induce much-needed agility to scale your business

Enhance business agility

Turn Risks into OpportunitiesTurn Risks into Opportunities

HCLTech experience and comprehensive managed services foster business resilience against unpredictable risks

Turn risks into opportunities

Faster and more Efficient Digital OperationsFaster and more Efficient Digital Operations

Leverage our latest digital capabilities to accelerate the mortgage lending processes and significantly scale your business volume

Faster and more efficient

Drive Scalable GrowthDrive Scalable Growth

Our technology ecosystem provides the critical edge for your business to accelerate and sustain rapid, scalable growth

Drive Scalable Growth

Key Benefits iconSimpler and more Seamless Experience

Our capabilities cultivate the value-driven experience today’s customer demands

Simpler and more Seamless Experience

Transformative Lending Solutions

  • Customized lending solutions
  • Disruptive technology ecosystem
  • Risk and compliance
Customized lending solutions
The future of mortgage lending is on a dynamic and evolving trajectory where one-size-fits-all solutions no longer work. With shifting regulatory requirements and increasing customer expectations, HCLTech empowers businesses with personalized and bespoke lending solutions. Backed by in-depth domain knowledge, powerful execution experience, and proven technological capabilities, our mortgage lending solutions address each customers' unique challenges. These best-in-class solutions deliver flexibility, process visibility, agility, and speed, along with assured security and personalized support for a resilient, future-ready partnership.
Disruptive Technology Ecosystem
Our lending solutions help customers prepare for the industry's future by ensuring they can deploy the right technology at the right time and for the proper purpose. We accomplish this with our disruptive technology ecosystem, including proprietary RPA, artificial intelligence, digital workflow, and predictive analytics. Collectively, these technologies are supported by a strategic roadmap that is both vendor and product-agnostic to ensure complete flexibility and autonomy. As a result, we create a valuable borrower experience that is seamlessly scalable, responsive to demand cyclicality, mitigates risk, supercharges productivity, and reduces the cost of loan fulfillment.
Risk & Compliance
With a comprehensive and assorted financial and digital security portfolio, HCLTech Lending Solutions ensures effective risk management with multi-stage compliance checks across all loan activities. As a fully licensed and compliant organization within the SAFE ACT and other US-based regulations, HCLTech Lending Solutions is authorized to perform multiple operations across the US. Our risk and compliance credentials include a "3 Lever BPM" approach that integrates risk mitigation and assured compliance within a process optimization and automation framework that will adapt to any changes and disruptions tomorrow may hold.

Client Success

Case Study 1
Case Study

Transforming lending for a Fortune 500 banking giant

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