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A digital world is still a world with people at its center. To succeed in digital transformation, businesses must focus on both technology and the people who will interact with it.

HCLTech Digital Consulting practice brings together decades of deep technology expertise with best in class consulting services that are global, outcome based, and people-focused. Our mission is to drive both transformation and continuous improvement, and to do it all at scale. We work as a partner alongside our clients to align technology needs with business goals — from strategy to execution.


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Our Differentiators

A legacy of deep technology expertise focused on helping enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age.
A portfolio of industry-specific offerings, with digital transformation at its center.
A relentless pursuit of business objectives that place the urgency of digital transformation alongside business outcomes.
Consultants with diverse backgrounds in business, consulting, technology, and digital.
End-to-end digital transformation expertise that helps clients from strategy through execution.
Cultural transformation expertise to prepare agile workforces that can respond to constant change.
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Service Offerings


A suite of services designed for your digital transformation success.


Challenges we help solve for our clients

I have a digital technology strategy. Now I need to prepare my organization to operationalize it.
We need to reduce labor costs, better deliver against our KPIs, and empower our leaders with data-driven decision-making.
Outdated and disparate business processes are getting in our way. We need to streamline our processes to help us maximize on value.
Employee engagement is down and we need them to get behind an organizational customer experience strategy. How can we provide our employees a better experience so they can rally around our customers?
Speed to marketing and designing solutions that can be agile to flex with changing business and market needs will be more successful than long multi-year design and deployment plans
We need an org structure that will scale for growth, and we need an adaptive culture that can navigate change and expect disruption.
Our customers want online, no touch, digital options for our [products/ service]. We need to quickly figure out how to transition to this new reality.


From comprehensive end-to-end transformation solutions, to specific program and project initiatives. We look across the entire ecosystem to drive the change our clients need.

closing the gap between technology and business, delivering on digital transformation
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digitally connecting a leading english football club
delivering a world class experience that puts fans at the heart of the transformation
complete case study
a global
improving the customer experience by creating a truly differentiated way of delivering service
complete case study
a global
footwear manufacturer
helping launch an entirely new transformation office aimed at simplifying the business through a focus on sustainable, profitable growth
complete case study
a leading
home décor company
partnering to plan and execute the largest transformation in the company’s history
complete case study
a north american
convenience Store Chain
creating unified and personalized customer experience to drive loyalty
complete case study
a leading healthcare payer
Modernizing the core administrative platforms and migration to cloud
complete case study
scaling digital transformation
A holistic digital strategy involving people, business and technology at its core
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employee experience brochure
Leading with employee experience, developing a competitive edge
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Lester Lam
Lester Lam
Executive Vice President, Digital Business Services

Lester Lam is the Executive Vice President and Global Leader of Consulting at HCLTech. In his role, he leads HCLTech’s digital consulting business spanning across the Americas, Europe, and APAC.

With nearly 30 years in the business transformation and management consulting industries, Lester believes in helping global enterprises adopt the characteristics of digitally native companies to not just “do” digital but to become digital at the core.

At HCLTech, Lester is leading the expansion of digital consulting core capabilities across business transformation, strategy and process consulting, experience strategy and design, organizational design and change, and agile transformation.