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Operationalize your data and analytics strategy with HCLTech

Data is the currency of today's digital economy, and enterprises across every industry are taking the next step in their journey toward data lifecycle management. For some, that next step is to establish data governance and make their data better accessible across the organization. For others, it’s infusing data into organizational operations and decision-making. Wherever you find yourself on the road to data maturity, HCLTech is here to help.

HCLTech's data and analytics capabilities enable our clients to become more intentional with how their data is collected, consumed, and applied to achieve better business outcomes. We understand that data landscapes vary widely both across and within organizations, and our human-centered consulting approach allows us to put ourselves in your shoes and devise data solutions that move your enterprise ahead on its data maturity initiatives.

Our approach to data & analytics:

We believe that data and analytics transformations call for extensive industry experience, expertise in the ever-evolving field of data and AI, and an open-ended approach to innovation. That’s why our data and analytics practice employs a top-down approach to delivering complex transformations:

  • Strategic differentiation: Our data and analytics leaders bring novel PoVs and original approaches to our customers.
  • Optimal execution: Complementing this strategic differentiation is our FENIX 2.0 framework, which helps us operationalize your data-driven transformations along the shortest and highest RoI pathways.
  • Delivery model:  Our unique service delivery model FENIX 2.0, supported by highly experienced engineers covers the complete information and insight lifecycle for customers and delivers your transformation in a collaborative, customer centric and agile manner.


Analytics Pathways

Enhance the digital transformation journey and capitalize on variety of data & shift innovation by a consultative approach.

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Data and BI Fabric

Data made avialable faster, more accessible, and actionable through discovery, automation, simplicity and repeatability to accelerate digital transformation.

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Data Management

A trusted data view to address regulatory, agility, cost, efficiency and compliance needs established through robust monitoring and governance processes.

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Data Science

Scale data-driven decision making through machine learning, deep learning, cognitive and AI services.

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Customer 360

Connected solutions around customer experience by breaking conventional barriers and enabling data flow through digital value chain to empower creation of ubiquitous ‘Insight as a Service’.

Know your Relationship

Our offering to de-risk from relationship risk across customers, suppliers, employees, and statutory bodies by detecting risks even before they manifest.

Service Excellence

Offerings to power after-sales service excellence for manufacturing companies. It includes optimizing service supply chain, shift from traditional break-fix model, recall management, warranty management and managing evolving customer expectations.

Predictive Maintenance

Our offering to optimize data operations using prescriptive and predictive analytics on incident resolution, predictability in SLA adherence and creation of a knowledge ecosystem.

Data Commoditization services for Business

In-line with industry trend for as-a-service offering, our key services around commoditization include Veeva Migration-as-a-service for LS-HC customers, Data acquisitions-as-a-service and Database-as-a-service.

Our data and analytics services

Establish Data Strategy and Consulting

Formulate a winning data strategy by reimaging your business processes, monetizing your enterprise data, and redefining experiences for your stakeholders. We take a human-centered design approach to create your unique digital vision.

Designing Data Platform and Engineering (BI and Visualization Service)

Operationalize your data platforms and analytics services through custom-engineered MDM platforms, data mesh, and data lakes. As part of our Data Engineering services, we have built data platforms that best adapt to the needs and maturity of our customers to organize, disseminate, and consume data. We build composable data and analytics solutions that can support cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Our proprietary accelerators help you speed up analytics and BI use cases across functions and geographies to democratize your data across your organization.

Setup Data Management

Mitigate the operational challenges of big data by defining your data governance strategy, improving your organization’s data literacy, and empowering your business with data-focused and data-first solutions. We’ll help your organization adopt the tools and best practices they need to transform your data management into a value stream.

Define Data and AI Governance

Build and maintain ethical AI systems with solid governance. We help enterprises mitigate privacy and ethics-related challenges with closed-loop governance that is lean, differential, and AI-enabled. Having the correct governance in place helps keep the costs of data and AI deployments in check to enable better ROI.

Improve Decision Making with Data Science

Build, test, and scale intelligent systems across your enterprise. We apply the latest AI and ML technologies to improve your products, services, and operations while enabling experimentation to discover new sources of value and deliver advanced insights to your decision-makers.

A strong partner ecosystem

HCLTech partners with all the leading names in today's data and analytics technology landscape, including hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google. We build industry-focused solutions on top of these hyperscale providers to accelerate time to value for our customers. For designing best-in-class data platforms for our customers, we share expertise from partners like Snowflake and Databricks. HCLTech ensures AI Governance and Ethics during the delivery of services, working closely with enterprises like Stibo, Riversand etc. to articulate a clear vision for performing model experiments, identify and select the business use cases and demonstrate their value through pilots. Finally, our decision partners like Alteryx and Tableau allow us to answer specific business questions, support decision-making, define strategy and improve products, services, and operations across business value chains.

Collaborating with these partners, we co-create IPs and solutions recognized by top platforms and ecosystems. Our dedicated partner CoEs are composed of talent certified in the latest data and AI services and solutions, enabling us to ensure well-architected, expertly-engineered solutions for our customers.

In addition, we also invest in lucrative ventures in the cloud, AI, automation, and IoT space, with the vision to bring innovative and differentiating offerings to our customers.