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Application Maintenance


The context of application operations within an enterprise has been redefined in today’s high-velocity, software-driven digital world. It’s a world where businesses constantly reinvent on an evolving technology stack with complex infrastructure landscape; where an enterprise is a convoluted amalgamation of legacy systems, digital apps and SaaS; and where customer experience and effectiveness perspective is as important as cost and efficiency.

The exponential rise in business and technological complexity and the varying pace of transformation in portfolios has made traditional, one-size-fits-all application management obsolete. In this fast-paced dynamic environment, enterprises are constantly evaluating novel approaches to address critical questions including:

  • How do I increase efficiency and improve value in application support operations while my business processes are changing?
  • How do I improve cycle time of processes and bring in a service-oriented culture in application support operations?
  • How do I ensure uninterrupted IT and business continuity through resilient, reliable and predictable operations?
  • How can I improve the quality of experience for internal and external stakeholders?
  • How do I reduce my operating costs to drive self-funded digital transformation initiatives?

HCLTech Application Support services address these questions through ASM 2.0 framework. ASM 2.0 framework is HCLTech NextGen Application Support & Maintenance(ASM) framework that enables experience-centric and business-aligned outcomes via automated, intelligent and contextualized application support operations. It offers smart enterprise-wide application operations which is aligned with NextGen application development, digital transformation principles, and new ways of working. It comprises five key pillars:

  • Customer operating model:This tenet helps organizations choose an appropriate operating model, ways of working, culture and team skillset based on how the enterprise application portfolio is evolving.
  • OpsDeck- SRE based Ops: It focuses on engineering aspects of the platform, like availability, reliability, automation, launch engineering within the cluster of applications.
  • Observe2Act: It refers to insights on how the end-to-end spectrum of IT and business services are monitored, analyzed and actioned.
  • Context aware Ops: This pillar defines how teams/squads/tribes are aligned to different business functions and value streams and drives efficient business process flows, business monitoring and process automation.
  • iONA: It is HCLTech intelligent operations platform that transforms enterprises by simplifying the operational activities. It provides the right capabilities to capture data, continuously learn and get smarter by utilizing AI/ML, provides contextual information, and automates redundant tasks.