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Application Modernization


The digital world has offered large businesses a chance to operate in a more dynamic environment, but they are often held back by legacy IT systems. Enterprises worldwide have a wealth of application logic and capabilities that are core business assets, with time-tested industrial strength. However, the digital economy has unleashed an era of innovation, driven by consumerization and relentless disruption with the advent of niche players and powerhouses in most verticals.

For businesses to thrive today, it is imperative for them to drive change with application modernization. This results in significantly higher agility, often inhibited by legacy systems. Some of the key challenges with legacy systems are:

  • High cost of ownership coupled with the demographic reality of a diminishing talent availability in legacy technologies
  • Need for customer centricity and the necessity to seamlessly deliver multi-channel capabilities
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Increased system elasticity to enable growth and leverage pay per consumption
  • Significantly enabled business agility

HCLTech’s biggest strength, when it comes to legacy application modernization, is our ability to integrate our several distinct capabilities formed over decades of experience. These capabilities are powered by automated tools that are built for automated code generation, and forward engineering-based legacy revitalization. Our other key capabilities include cloud assessment based on machine learning, and migration and application re-engineering.



Tool for automatically discovering portfolio and generating insights around technical debt and functional fitment across application, databases, and underlying infrastructure. Powered by AI/ML techniques to rapidly develop business capability assessment led views to define the right-fit modernization and migration strategies.

ADvantage Modernize

A framework for transformation of applications from various states of legacy, technical & functional debts to modern state through a multitude of automation led treatments and cloud migration, to fit the context of the applications and achieve business goals.

ADvantage Cloud

Accelerates modernizing and migration of on-premise applications & databases to modern architecture by utilizing cloud native services & containers. It helps identify application incompatibilities for the target cloud platform, potential avenues to leverage native cloud services and remediates the code through automation.

ADvantage Upgrade

HCLTech’s homegrown automation platform to upgrade applications run time and frameworks and databases to be compatible and run with latest versions of the digital platforms.

ADvantage Specs

Accelerates creation of functional specifications from source code through automated reverse engineering, for application modernization or re-engineering. Specs include domain models, business rules, UI to interface & data source mappings in analyst friendly formats.

Automated Technology Modernization Accelerator (ATMA)

Accelerates modernization of applications from various legacy technology platforms such as VisualBasic, PowerBuilder, OracleForms, COBOL, JCL, PL/1, Natural, RPG etc. to modern stacks (Java or .NET with Angular UI) through automated transpilation.



Legacy Application Modernization

Offers a variety of modernization approaches that are fit for IT and business objectives, immediate and long-term, by employing deep automation and machine learning solutions to drive transformation at scale.

Application Portfolio Optimization

Application Portfolio Discovery & Optimization

Discover and create portfolio insights across the IT landscape and business value chain with zero-touch, and envision and govern application modernization solutions, roadmap, and strategies.

Application Decommissioning and Archival

Application Decommissioning and Archival

Service to assess impact and establish efficient archival and decommissioning factory, suitably supported by industry-leading practices and tools.

Cloud Migration

Application Cloud Migration

Roadmap for implementation of enterprise cloud migration, cloud platform selection, containerization, detailed migration plan, effort estimation, interface handling, management of internal and external dependencies, applications monitoring requirements, storage management, provisioning requirements, and license management.


Driven by customer needs we offer customized Mainframe modernization and migration roadmap for enterprises that ensures assured and least risk transformation, whilst managing the change that impacts business value chains, people and organization policies.